Ever feel stuck at work because the boss is still there?

The boss may be influencing your work hours. (Thinkstock)

WASHINGTON — Finding yourself working late because the boss is still there?

It’s a common problem in demanding fields, but there’s a way to handle it if you just want to go home.

A lot of people feel insecure about leaving early or coming in after the boss does, the Wall Street Journal reports. Employees who are constantly facing a conflict between their work hours and the schedule their boss keeps may benefit from checking their assumptions of what the boss wants and sitting down to discuss it, according to the Journal.

There is a good chance there’s no reason to be concerned — most bosses aren’t looking at the hours as much as their employees’ productivity.

There also could be a lot a boss hasn’t noticed. For example, maybe the boss doesn’t know you come in early, or has concerns about reaching you after you leave. Talk about how plugged-in you’re expected to be after hours, and what more you can do to meet expectations within the hours you prefer.

Make your presence known in the office during peak hours and communicate your productivity, the Wall Street Journal suggests.

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