Dog Anxiety Expert Hosting Workshop Sunday

Jeni Grant, via Train Your Best FriendA Certified Professional Dog Trainer on Sunday will host a Bethesda workshop on helping your over-anxious dog.

Jeni Grant and a Rockville-dog education nonprofit called Your Dog’s Friend are hosting the event from 1 p.m.-3:30 p.m. at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (6030 Grosvenor Lane).

Anxiety issues are common in dogs rescued from puppy mills and hoarding cases, according to event organizers.

The workshop will focus on how to help dogs with neophobia (the fear of new things, especially new foods) Generalized Anxiety Disorder and doggie PTSD:

Some of you have dogs that are afraid in their own homes. They may stay in their “safe” place, like under the desk or on the couch, instead of venturing out to other parts of the house. Stairs, ceiling fans, the dishwasher — all scary. When visitors come over, your dog hides. Maybe, he doesn’t want to leave your home to go outside, whether for a walk or in your yard.  Going to the vet or getting in the car is terrifying. Our speaker will explain how to help these special needs dogs. You care enough and are patient enough to help them succeed in life. In return, you get to watch them blossom into dogs they may never have become without you. Speaker: Jeni Grant, CPDT-KA (

CPDT-KA means Certified Professional Dog Trainer — Knowledge Accessed.

The event is free and open to the public. Your Dog’s Friend is asking those planning to come to register in advance. It doesn’t appear your dog’s presence at the workshop is necessary.

Photo of Jeni Grant via Train Your Best Friend

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