Another storm coming: What we know, what we don’t

WASHINGTON — D.C. area residents may want to prepare for wintry weather as it is looking more and more certain that the region will get a snowstorm in the D.C. area Wednesday night and into Thursday.

Winter storm watches are in places for Wednesday evening through Thursday evening in the WTOP listening area and a plethora of winter weather advisories, warnings and ice storm warnings are set up through the Deep South.

Map (WJLA/Lauryn Ricketts)

Winter Storm Warnings, advisories, watches and Ice Storm Warnings are posted across the Southern Tier of the United States for Tuesday through Thursday. Historic amounts of snow and ice may fall through the Deep South.

The coastal low that will be the culprit for this precipitation will form off the southeast coast on Wednesday, traveling north along the coast through the overnight hours and through the day on Thursday.

So, with that being said, this storm hasn’t even formed yet. Plenty of cold air will be available in the D.C. region from an area of high pressure parked over New England. Snow will creep in from the south to the north through the late evening hours on Wednesday and will continue through much of the day on Thursday.

Map (WJLA/Lauryn Ricketts)

A look at what we know now and what we are still determining for this snow storm in the D.C. region.

While I do believe that we could get some hefty snow totals around the region, the exact track is still in question and totals ranges are still yet to be determined (however, we will have a better idea this afternoon). We have been burned by these before and this year, the tracks seem to be a little more to the east than forecasted.

At this point, I do believe that areas along the coast and southeast of D.C. could see more of a wintry mix/rain that would hamper snow accumulation totals and the “sweet spot” could potentially set up through Northern Virginia/D.C. and just to the south of Baltimore while well north and west of town could see still high, but lower amounts than the “sweet spot.” This is just preliminary and likely to change, but that is what we know so far. Again, there will be a better idea this afternoon with additional information.

Map (WJLA/Lauryn Ricketts)

By 6 a.m. Thursday morning, snow still coming down across the region. The rain/snow line will be very close to the metro area and that is something we will have to continue to monitor as a mix will drastically cut down snow totals.

Travel disruptions, delays and cancellations will be extremely likely for the area on Thursday morning if the current forecast stands. This could even end as a period of sleet in parts of the region before it is all said and done by Thursday evening. Winds look to pick up as well through the day on Thursday so that is just another thing that we will have to monitor.

Expect more updates through the afternoon hours, however, if you need to run errands – I would go ahead and do it Tuesday or Wednesday as it looks like this storm is heading here soon.

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