Pike & Rose Construction Update

Escalators get moved into Pike & Rose, via Federal Realty Pike & Rose construction progress, via Federal Realty View from top of Pike & Rose construction, via Federal Realty Start of the courtyard at Pike & Rose's 19-story apartment tower, via Federal Realty Sub-paving work on Grand Park Avenue, part of the new street grid, via Federal Realty Construction work at Pike & Rose, via Federal Realty The office building in Phase 1 of Pike & Rose, via Federal Realty

Recent construction progress at Pike & Rose in North Bethesda included the rare sight of escalators on a flatbed truck.

Crews installed the escalators, which will lead to the incoming iPic Theaters, in December and started some work on the second phase of the project.

Phase 1, which includes the movie theater, two apartment buildings, an office building, Strathmore-operated concert venue, new restaurants and gym, will be completed and open this fall. Rockville-based developer Federal Realty Investment Trust sent out an email this week detailing some of the construction activity.

Glasswork installation is done on two sides of the office tower on “Block 11″ and crews are starting brick facade work on the crown jewel of the project — the building that will hold iPic Theaters, a Sport&Health club, City Sports store and 250-seat concert and event space.

Crews are also preparing the sub-base paving for the development’s first new street — Grand Park Avenue. It will run from a realigned Executive Boulevard across Old Georgetown Road into the development, roughly along the path of the existing storefront traffic lane in Mid-Pike Plaza.

The shape of the courtyard at the 19-story luxury apartment Pallas is now visible. Federal Realty says crews have started installing piles for Phase 2 of the project, construction of which was approved by the Planning Board in October.

Photos via Federal Realty Investment Trust

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