Local Candidates Race To Contribution Deadline

County Executive Isiah Leggett's campaign is looking for $20,000 in online fundraising before Wednesday's annual reporting deadlineIf you’re politically active, chances are you received a number of campaign contribution requests in the last few days.

Candidates are making their final contribution pushes before Wednesday’s 2014 Annual Report deadline, a key metric that’s especially important for challengers looking to garner momentum and endorsements before the June 24 primary.

In District 16, where some have predicted it could take at least $100,000 in campaign financing to win a House of Delegates seat, candidates made their final pleas for money.

Delegate candidate Kevin Walling’s initial e-blast on Monday accidentally came out without the first names of its addressees, something the campaign amended with an email to supporters on Tuesday:

I warned Kevin never to send out emails on his own, but he’s so fired up about this campaign that he sent off yesterday’s message too quickly without personalizing the email!

I am so proud to serve as his campaign manager for this election andtomorrow we face our biggest fundraising deadline.

Just 24 hours remain to support Kevin’s vision to fully fund public transit, keep Maryland’s schools number one in the nation and protect our beautiful environment for generations to come.

We’re just $1,250 shy of our online goal for tomorrow’s deadline.

Please join me right now and make a contribution right now to fuel this grassroots effort.

Thank you,

Pat McGill, Campaign Manager

Walling is also hosting a fundraiser reception on Wednesday night on Capitol Hill with members of the LGBT Congressional Caucus.

Adam Beitman, delegate candidate Jordan Cooper’s campaign manager, sent out a similar message:

I met Jordan ten years ago as a fellow student at Vassar College. We spoke about politics frequently, and passionately.

What always impressed me about Jordan was not necessarily the specific positions he took on any given issue—those were always informed, sophisticated, and to the point—but his obvious energy, passion for politics, and will to help others.

That’s why I told Jordan then, so many years ago, that he should run for office. I also told him that I would help out if he ever did.

When he approached me last year to let me know that he was embarking on a campaign for Delegate, I was not surprised. For me, it was clear that the time to make my commitment concrete had arrived when he asked for my help. That is why I am managing this campaign full-time, putting in the work to elect an outstanding progressive leader for Montgomery County.

I knew then what I know now: that Jordan Cooper is heading straight for victory in this primary race, and in many more races to come.

Will you join me in giving your support today?

Delegate candidate Hrant Jamgochian held a Monday “money bomb” in search of donations of $16, $32 or $48. Delegate candidate Marc Korman sent out an email to supporters on Tuesday afternoon:

Tomorrow is the deadline for the first major campaign finance report of the election.  The figures candidates report will set the tone for the June Democratic Primary for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 16.

Marc has been going door to door since June talking to voters about the issues they care about.  Help Marc continue his issues-oriented campaign to increase school construction, fix Metro, raise the minimum wage, and create green jobs.  Contribute $10, $25, $100 or more here.

County Executive Isiah Leggett emailed supporters last week about his online fundraising goal of $20,000. Doug Duncan, one of Leggett’s opponents, also was looking for $20,000 — in the matter of a few days leading up to the deadline. From an email to Duncan supporters on Tuesday:

Yesterday Doug asked you to help us raise $20,000 in a couple days.  Well, we’re off to a great start.  We’re already over halfway there!  We only need $9,675 to reach our goalThe deadline is tomorrow atmidnight, so we have less than 24 hours.

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