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Dress up your leftover pizza in a waffle iron

WASHINGTON – What’s cheesier than cheese pizza? How about a cheesy pizza waffle, as published on Serious Eats.

Leftover pizza the morning after just isn’t as attractive as the fresh, hot babies delivered the night before. So instead of eating a cold, stale slice of leftover pizza, salvage the taste and cheesy texture by adding some heat and flare.

No, this genius solution doesn’t include throwing it in the microwave. Rather, it calls for something more impressionable: a waffle iron.

What’s involved? Apply some toppings to the face of the pizza, fold it and get rid of the unwanted crust.

After following these initial steps, the pizza will then be ready for a slight tan — or burn — depending on your preference.

By the end of the Miss Congeniality-esque process, your pizza waffle will come out hot, tan and in shape — all ready for its Instagram photo shoot.

Get the full step-by-step plan on how to make a pizza waffle at Serious Eats.

WTOP’s Omama Altaleb contributed to this report. Follow @WTOP and @WTOPliving on Twitter.

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