Chastity belt-like bra only unhooks for true love

A high-tech bra will only unhook when the device is convinced its wearer is in true love (Photo Ravijour)

WASHINGTON – A new high-tech bra is likely to draw raves from protective parents and jeers from would-be lotharios.

The smartphone-connected brassiere will only unhook when the device is convinced its wearer is truly in love.

Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour says its product “knows how women truly feel.”

In its promotional material, the True Love Tester bra is shown protecting women from unsavory male characters it labels as “the animal,” “the technician,” and “the flashy guy.”

In a promo video, an unnamed human sexuality specialist says a woman in true love experiences “an instant boost in excitement.”

An unnamed medical doctor says “When excited, the adrenal medulla secretes catecholamine, which affects the autonomic nerve and stimulates the heart rate,” and sends a signal, via Bluetooth, to a smartphone app for analysis.

The app compares what is detected as “true love rate” from other heartbeat-raising activities like jogging, shopping, or watching a horror movie.

When the app determines it’s the real thing, the bra automatically pops open from the front.

Unfortunately, according to the promotional material the automatic unhooking doesn’t only happen when the woman is in a potentially romantic atmosphere – it could happen if she spots “Mr. Right” while walking down the street.

The company’s material does not indicate what the bra would cost, or when it might be released.

So, until then, women will have to rely on the low-tech option: good judgment.

See how the True Love Tester bra works:

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