Bloody crime scene photos shown ahead of double murder trial

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – A man is accused of orchestrating a murder from within a local jail, and bloody photos from the crime scene were shown at a court hearing in the case Monday in advance of a trial.

Brian Mayhew is accused of having his own uncle, Nicoh Mayhew, killed because his uncle was set to testify against him at a double murder trial.

Prosecutors say Brian Mahew ordered the hit while he was held in the Prince George’s County Jail by using a jail phone and code words.

Prosecutors say they have jail phone recordings to prove it.

At Monday’s hearing, a police lieutenant testified about problems with the jail phone system.

For example, he said every inmate is issued his or her own telephone ID number, but inmates often use other inmates’ ID numbers to make calls. So even though there is a system in place to record phone calls made from the jail, finding every call made by a given inmate can be difficult.

Also at the hearing, a homicide detective described the scene of the uncle’s 2012 murder before gory photos of the scene were shown on a courtroom screen.

One photo showed the man lying face down on an apartment landing with a large pool of blood near his head.

Another showed blood and brain matter on a wall near the body.

Also projected on the screen were autopsy photos showing that a bullet had gone through one side of Nicoh Mayhew’s head and out the other.

The hearing is scheduled to resume Tuesday morning.

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