Weird traditions from around the world

WASHINGTON – Christmas is all about the traditions.

Do you open a present on Christmas Eve? Head to a movie on Christmas afternoon?

Check out these weird and wacky Christmas traditions from around the world from The Telegraph:

  • Catalonians are fond of “caganers,” which are little characters who depict nativity scenes – except they are, uh, well, they’re pooping.
  • A Czech tradition involves women and shoes. A single woman will stand with her back to the front door toss a shoe over her shoulder, if it lands pointing toward the door, she’ll get hitched that year.
  • In Caracas, everyone heads to church on wheels. But these wheels are on their feet in the form of roller skates.
  • In Portugal, families practice consoda, which involves setting places at the table for passed relatives.
  • In Norway, people hide their brooms on Christmas Eve to make sure evil spirits and witches can’t get a hold of them.

Curious about more? Check out The Telegraph’s slideshow for the full list.

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