Tax revenue from Military Bowl may not go to Annapolis

WASHINGTON – The University of Maryland lost to Marshall University in Friday’s Military Bowl, but Annapolis, Md. may face an even bigger fight.

While thousands of dollars poured in from the bowl’s ticket sales, the city might not see a dime.

Typically, the city is eligible for 10 percent of each ticket sold at the Navy- Marine Corps Memorial Stadium but since the Naval Academy didn’t play it’s not clear whether Annapolis will receive the tax revenue.

It costs $10,000 per game to provide police and fire services.

The Capital Gazette estimates that the city could have received about $60,000 dollars. But the state comptroller’s office wouldn’t comment.

City officials, the athletic department and even the military bowl president tell the Gazette they’re not sure if the city will receive any funds.

Despite the questions, local business likely benefited. They were expected to rake in more than a million dollars.

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