Postal Service Offers 4 Options For White Flint Post Office

Zip code map shows the Kensington 20895 zip covers White Flint Mall in an unconnected western piece. The rest of the White Flint Sector is in 20852.The United States Postal Service on Tuesday revealed the four options it’s looking at for a replacement for the White Flint Mall Post Office.

In a letter (see below) to Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Director Ken Hartman, USPS real estate specialist Rick Hancock wrote that a Site Review Committee officially ruled out staying or relocating within White Flint Mall.

“The Mall redevelopment will not be completed for 2-3 years,” Hancock wrote. “It is not an operationally feasible or economically viable alternative to operate a Postal facility in a construction redevelopment site.”

The Committee also apparently looked at, then ruled out Metro Pike Center. It’s slated for redevelopment.

The four options still on the table, and subject to a 30-day public commenting period are:

– 5420 Edson Lane

– 5000-5060 Nicholson Lane (Nicholson Plaza)

– 11760 Parklawn Drive — (Parklawn Commerce Center)

– 11601-11631 Nebel Street — (Flint Hill Building)

All four of the sites are in the 20852 zip code. Thanks to a bizarrely drawn zip code map, the existing White Flint Mall post office is in the Kensington zip of 20895. Many in the urbanizing White Flint area would like a zip code of their own.

Hancock has said the main concerns for a new post office building are finding a five-year lease and a site with enough parking and access for mail trucks.

See the letter for instructions on how to submit comments.

Meanwhile, there has been no progress on finding a location for a second Bethesda post office. Hartman reports the Postal Service is still looking for a site that is both economically viable and operationally feasible.

PDF: Dec. 10 White Flint Post Office letter

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