Holiday Survival Guide: Ways your smartphone can make holiday travel more tolerable

There are plenty of apps, devices and games to make flight delays more enjoyable. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – Being stuck at the airport is a drag, but there are apps, devices and games that can make your travel delay a little less painful.

No one likes sitting for hours in a less-than-comfortable chair in an airport terminal, but with your smartphone, you could do a little exploring.

Tech Fortune points to an app called Airport Life. It provides terminal maps and highlights the shops and restaurants.

Many airlines have mobile apps where you can check your flight status.

FlightAware might also help or amuse you during an extended delay. It tracks flights and has a Misery Map that lists airports with the most delays and cancellations.

There’s also an app called Hotel Tonight, which identifies unsold hotel rooms offered at discounts in major cities.

During a lengthy delay, it might be time to download a game to play. There’s Angry Birds Star Wars 2. The app costs 99 cents. For more more ideas, check out USA TODAY’s list of the 10 best free smartphone games.

And if you run out of juice, look for charging stations in some airports that can recharge batteries up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

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