Ugly child lawsuit a hoax? Or not?

WASHINGTON — The story of the Chinese man who sued his ex-wife — and won — for having ugly children is raising some questions after going viral on Thursday.

A Chicago morning show recently ran a story about a man in China who accused his wife of infidelity after she bore unattractive children. A paternity test proved he was the father, the story reported, but then the ex-wife admitted she’d had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery before they married.

The Chicago station said a judge awarded the man damages ruling that he was married under false pretenses.

The story went viral Thursday and websites worldwide — including — picked it up. But as the hours passed, more information came forward that suggests the story may be a hoax.

The Huffington Post says the story made its first internet appearance last year. Since then, there has been no official confirmation, and other internet sources say the family picture showing attractive parents with three unattractive kids is actually an advertisement for a plastic surgery clinic in Taiwan.

What do you think? Here’s the story:

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