Tips from a dietitian: Thank yourself this holiday season

The holidays are a busy time of year, but it\'s important to slow down. Taking the time to sit down at the table to enjoy your meal is one way to really relax and appreciate your food. (Thinkstock)

Kait Fortunato, special to wtop.com

WASHINGTON – It’s that time of year when nutrition articles offering savvy tips on how to stay on track during the holiday season flood the web.

If I may, I would love to share a different approach as we welcome the end of the year.

Rather than adding another point of stress to daily life, let’s take the time to slow down and be thankful.

This time of year is busy, and when we run ourselves ragged, we often become more vulnerable to negative thoughts.

But instead of focusing time and negative energy on things we need to do, or would like to change, why not pause, and instead, be thankful for what we do have.

Here are some tips on powering through the holidays with gratitude and positive self-esteem:

Start your day off with three positive affirmations each morning: Try to focus on three things you love about yourself and say them out loud each morning to start your day off right.

Limit mirror checking: Don’t spend too much time looking in the mirror and focusing on your appearance. Do a quick check, read your affirmations and keep moving.

Sit down at the table for all of your meals and snacks: Yes, the holidays are busy, but take time to sit down at the table and eat all your meals so you can really enjoy them and feel good about what you are eating.

Take time each night to do something relaxing: Even if it’s only 10 minutes of meditation, or a relaxing hot shower, make sure to treat yourself each night.

Journal about what your body can do for you: If you are feeling negative towards your body, think neutrally about what your body can do for you.

Kait Fortunato is a registered dietitian at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates and serves on the board for the DC Metro Area Dietetic Association. Kait focuses on individualizing her recommendations to have each client see results and live a healthier, more productive life, and she works to help people enjoy food and eat the foods they love. Kait lives in the D.C. area and loves trying new restaurants and activities around the city. Visit Kait’s blog, Rebel Dietitian, and tweet her @Rebel_Dietitian for recipes, nutrition tips and activities in the Washington area.

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