Shower recycles water and saves energy (Video)

Here\'s how the shower system works. (Courtesy of OrbSys)

WASHINGTON – When water runs down a drain, that’s typically the last anyone sees of it for awhile. Now there’s a system for showers that collects water, cleans it up and then squirts it back on a bather’s head immediately.

The OrbSys shower system works much like an ornamental fountain thats let water splash into a pool, where it is pumped up to be splashed again.

What makes OrbSys different is there’s a water purification filter in the loop that the designer says creates water of drinking quality.

CNN reports the Swedish designer of the OrbSys shower is concerned about the environment and about people responsibly using water, a limited resource. Mehrdad Mahdjoubi says his shower cuts water consumption by 90 percent.

The system also saves money on energy bills, he says. Water that recycles continuously as someone bathes doesn’t take much energy to keep hot once it’s heated initially. Mahdjoubi’s company projects that can save households as much as $1,351 a year, CNN reports.

The recycled water showering system already has been tested successfully in Sweden. The designer is confident on-site water recycling with purification filters will be used in the future on sink drains and drinking fountains.

WTOP’s Kristi King contributed to this story. Follow @kingWTOP and @WTOP on Twitter.

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