PlayStation 4 technology taken to creepy heights

WASHINGTON – Whenever new technology comes out, it seems someone is ready to take it to creepy new places. And the new PlayStation 4 is no exception.

The new PlayStation lets people broadcast their gaming through Twitch TV. One game, called the Playroom, lets you broadcast yourself in your living room.

Approximately no one should be surprised about what comes next.

According to, one user, with the handle Darckobra, and a woman broadcast themselves sitting on their couch drinking. And drinking. And drinking. Eventually, the woman passed out.

At that point, Darckobra lifted up her shirt, exposing her breast for about 15 minutes. The channel went dark briefly, and when it came back the woman was naked – and still unconscious.

Darckobra has been banned, but according to the New York Post other users have broadcast themselves naked, or walking around with guns.

Sony, GameRevolution predicts, will not be happy, and that can only mean changes for the PlayStation platform.

“This,” GameRevolution says, “is why we can’t have nice things.”

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