Man arrested after using stun gun on wife to fulfill football bet

WASHINGTON – And you thought the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry was heated.

A 42-year-old Chicago Bears fan was arrested in Wisconsin after apparently following through on a bet he made with his wife centered on “Monday Night Football’s” Bears-Green Bay Packers matchup.

Citing court documents, The Smoking Gun reports the bet between John Grant and his wife, Nicole, carried with it the agreement that he would get to use a stun gun on her if the Bears beat the Packers.

So guess what? The Bears beat the Packers.

Documents obtained by TSG show that Nicole said the stun gun resulted in burn marks on her rear end, despite it being used outside of her clothing. And while she later told police she had not agreed to the bet, a review of a cellphone video and text message appeared to indicate otherwise.

However, John was still arrested, because it’s illegal to possess a stun gun in Wisconsin without a permit.

He told police he bought several of the devices at a Virginia truck stop.

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