Fast food chain invents mask so women can wolf burgers

A Japanese fast-food chain says women don't like to be seen with their mouths wide open. So, the chain invented a paper mask to shield a women's mouth while she wolfs down a huge hamburger.

WASHINGTON – It’s impossible to eat a huge hamburger neatly. And it’s rarely a pleasant thing to watch.

A Japanese fast food chain faced an even bigger problem, when it came to feminine customers: a cultural belief that small mouths, or “ochobo,” are attractive, and an open mouth is ill-mannered.

The national burger chain, Freshness Burger, attributed its poor sales of its largest hamburger – the Classic Burger – to women’s devotional quest for ochobo.

Freshness Burger found a workaround, inventing a face-concealing paper mask, printed with the image of a woman’s small mouth.

Shielded by the so-called “Liberation Wrapper,” a woman could practically unhinge her jaw while devouring the huge sandwhich, without compromising her dignity or beauty standards.

The company claims within a month of introducing the mask, sales of the Classic Burger to women jumped by 213 percent.

See how well the “Liberation Wrapper” works:

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