Consumer Reports ranks wireless services

WASHINGTON – Which wireless company offers the best cell phone service? Consumer Reports has released a customer satisfaction survey.

“Once again this year, Verizon came out on top for all of the major carriers,” reports Herb Weisbaum of CNBC.

But Weisbaum also points out that in some cities nationwide, T-Mobile ranks nearly as high as Verizon while offering less-expensive service.

Which company provides the least customer satisfaction?

Of the major carriers, Sprint is now at the bottom of the list; they have “the lowest ratings for value, voice, text and 4G reliability,” Weisbaum says.

While many of us have come to depend on our mobile phones, some believe they have found a better way to pay for the service.

“Prepaid services are really taking off in the marketplace and they’re really growing in customer satisfaction,” reports Weisbaum.

Prepaid services allow customers to buy a phone and cell phone service separately, as opposed to than wireless company contracts, which provide a phone along with a 2-year contract.

“The survey found that Tracphone, Straight Talk and Net Ten – these are prepaid services – beat all of the four major carriers as far as value and customer satisfaction.” Weisbaum says.

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