Review continues in Capitol Hill shooting

Alan Etter, WTOP

WASHINGTON – Authorities in Washington are reviewing Thursday’s use of deadly force against a woman who tried to ram a barrier at the White House and then led police on a chase to the Capitol.

They’re reconstructing the minutes leading up to the shooting that claimed the life of 34-year-old Miriam Carey.

U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine says his officers acted “heroically.”

Still, Carey’s family, through a lawyer, called the shooting unjustified. And they will conduct their own investigation.

Experts in the use of deadly force have told the Associated Press that the incident has left more questions than answers. Many police departments direct their officers not to fire at a moving vehicle, and some have suggested a road block should have been put up to stop Carey’s car and defuse the situation.

Reports indicate Carey’s mental health was deteriorating in the last year. Carey’s one-year-old daughter was in the car when her mother was killed, but was not hurt.

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