Justice delayed 40 years but not denied at Kloman sentencing

WASHINGTON — Christopher Kloman got away with his crimes for more than 40 years but was sentenced late Friday afternoon to 43 years in prison when the 74-year-old McLean man faced five of his victims in Fairfax County Circuit Court.

The women, now in their 50s, spoke out about how Kloman molested them decades ago in the 1960s and 70s. The girls who were 12-14 years old at the time had attended the prestigious Potomac School in McLean where Kloman was a teacher. The judge gave the maximum sentence to Kloman saying that he sacrificed young girls for his own gratification.

High-profile attorney Gloria Allred spoke out after the sentencing by representing the victims as part of their legal team. “During that time he used his position of trust and power to sexually molest girls. In one case he even raped a girl,” she says. “His sexual abuse and exploitation of them has left many of them with long-lasting and deep emotional scars.”

Anne Sullivan says she was 12 when Kloman molested her. In late 2011, she ran into Kloman but it was at her own son’s school – The Washington Episcopal School in Bethesda. Kloman was working there at the time as a substitute teacher. Sullivan then went to police to report him and that’s when the investigation began.

On Friday, Kloman’s wife Pam took the stand during sentencing. She says she had never seen any of the described behavior at all but she did address how she is devastated by all of the reports and is still in shock. Next month the couple will have been married 42 years.

Kloman did address the victims saying, “None of you deserved what I did.” And he says he hopes they can find some peace and closure.

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