Gansler accused of ordering troopers to speed, run lights

WASHINGTON – Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler, the Democratic candidate for governor, has been accused of irresponsible, unsafe behavior in relation to his state police escort.

The Washington Post reports that Gansler reguluarly ordered state troopers who were driving him to events to turn on their lights and sirens, speed and run red lights to keep him from getting stuck in traffic, according to state police accounts obtained by the Post.

Troopers also say that when they refused to activate the emergency equipment, Gansler flipped the switches himself, and on occasion became so impatient that he insisted on driving.

Another account said he “brags” about driving an unmarked state police truck by himself with the siren on.

Gansler says the accusations are untrue, and that a long-running feud is partly to blame.

In a statement issued Sunday, Gansler said that “a few of the 18 troopers who have provided me protection felt my backseat driving made them uncomfortable – for that I apologize,” but also said that the Post “downplayed and truncated” statement from troopers who had no problems with Gansler.

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