Born to be skins fans

David and Sabrina in 1992 in their Redskin\'s Onesies

Mix the Redskins & Dallas with a holiday the following day and you have a prescription for fun! But Andy Duffy wanted to be sure so he came up with a promotion for his Duffy’s Irish Pub across from the 930 Club.. and it worked.. he filled the place His offer?? “Everyone wearing Skins gear gets a free shot of Jameson each time Tony Romo throws an interception!” There was only one, but the shots went over very well with patrons David and Sabrina Poms of Bethesda. They are brother and sister who have been Skins fans since birthday. Their father was so obsessed with the team that before Super Bowl XXVI he bought both toddlers Redskin Onesies. Of course, the Skins won that year beating the Bills 37-24. We won’t talk about Sunday’s loss to Dalla. Here are photos of David and Sabrina in 1992 and last night at Duffy’s Irish Pub.

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