World Series of Flip Cup tosses cups for charity in D.C.

This isn't a college party. It's not a tailgate. No, this is pure unbridled "legitimate" competition. Saturday, the best flippers in the area took to the tables to determine the champion of the World Series of Flip Cup.

WASHINGTON – This isn’t a college party. It’s not a tailgate. No, this is pure, unbridled, “legitimate” competition. The best flippers in the area took to the tables Saturday to determine the champion of the World Series of Flip Cup.

“When we talk to people about it, they start laughing saying, ‘I cant believe this is a real thing,'” says CEO Dan Boger.

But it’s very real – 19 teams, six people per team, means there were more than 100 scouted, talented flippers at Old Dominion Brewhouse in the District.

“We started about eight years ago in Baltimore, Md. Three years ago, we moved it down to D.C. because of the stronger drinking crowd,” says Boger.

Drinking a half-inch of lite beer each round, there are rules to this competition to maintain the level of play. Multiple flip cup champion David Krivonik says his team, the Two Finger Fanatics, makes sure things don’t get sloppy.

“Basically if one person on your team is too drunk, your team can’t play. So people drink water in between. I mean, it’s a blast by all means,” Krivonik says.

Proceeds from the event are donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Last year, more than $400 was donated, Boger says.

The event starts with pool play, where each team plays a smaller pool of three or four teams. The winner of each pool advances to bracket play, and then it’s single elimination from there, Boger says.

Teams register to take part in the event on the WSFC website.

Team Dunder Fliplin’s Amy Uccello met her teammates playing kickball. She says the event is not about how much you can drink, but about skill.

“We’ve been to New York. We’ve been Baltimore. We’ve been to Vegas to play this and it’s fun. We really take it across the country to play. Its just a good time.”

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