Ready for the storm? The height of hurricane season is here

A portable radio is a necessity during any storm. (WTOP/Colleen Kelleher)
Preparing for the storm

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 8:45 pm

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WASHINGTON – The summer has been mild, but there’s still time for a rough hurricane season to hit the Mid-Atlantic.

“Historically, Sept. 10 is the height of hurricane season,” Laura Southard of the Virginia Emergency Management Agency tells WTOP. “There’s still time for something to stir up in the Caribbean or the Gulf that could affect us.”

With the past in mind, the Virginia Emergency Management Agency is reminding area residents of a few simple tips to get ready for hurricane season, just in case.

Updating your emergency kit with fresh food and water, finding supplies of prescription drugs and stocking up now on batteries for your portable radio and electronics can help when severe weather unexpectedly hits.

“Portable chargers [are useful],” Southard says. “They don’t need electricity, and you can power your smartphone, power your mobile devices to keep you in touch.”

Though Southard said there’s no sign of a hurricane or severe storm now, that could all change quickly.

“We see complacency all the time,” she says. “It happens all the time when you have a mild summer.”

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