Fundraiser benefits fallen firefighter’s family

A steady stream of firefighters stopped by a Capitol Hill bar Monday morning for "Breakfast for Boston," a fundraiser for the family of a fallen D.C. firefighter.

WASHINGTON – A steady stream of firefighters stopped by a Capitol Hill bar Monday morning for “Breakfast for Boston,” a fundraiser for the family of a fallen firefighter.

D.C. firefighter Terrence Boston was killed while riding his motorcycle nearly two weeks ago.

His family tragedy was further exacerbated when thieves robbed the family’s home in Brandywine, Md., as Boston’s widow and three young children attended his funeral.

Robert Alvarado organized Monday’s benefit at the Tune Inn. He’s president of the American Firefighters Motorcycle Club D.C. Chapter, and he’s a D.C. firefighter with 32 Engine in Southeast.

“He’s our brother and we love him. And we want his family to know we’ve got their back. And that good is going to come out of this. That good always wins over evil,” said Alvarado.

Lisa Nardelli, owner of the Tune Inn, says they’re always indebted to firemen. Two years ago, D.C. firefighters saved the bar. This morning, she opened up the establishment for the benefit and ran buffet and beer specials. She says about $3,500 was raised for the family.

Some of those who attended the fundraiser came by motorcycle. Others stopped by in firetrucks.

“Here’s a guy that served his community. He served this city,” Alvarado said.

“He put his life out there for others for his family to have to go through that lowest point their lives. For young children and widow to come home to that, it’s terrible.”

Alvarado said the event helps show the family there is still good in the world.

“We can’t make it go away. We can’t erase it. But just trying to let them know that there’s more good out there than bad,” he said.

After the event, Alvarado and others were set to hop on their motorcycles and take the money raised to Boston’s widow. She’s a firefighter for Fairfax County.

A fund on GiveForward has been set up for Boston’s children.

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