Fans react: New ‘Skins season, new NFL bag policy

The first Redskins home game of the season was also the first big test of the NFL's new bag rules limiting what fans can carry into FedEx Field.

WASHINGTON – The first Redskins home game of the season was also a big test of the NFL’s new bag rules limiting what fans can carry into FedEx Field.

The rules effectively ban large purses, as well as backpacks.

Clutch-style purses no bigger than an outstretched hand are allowed, as are clear plastic bags no bigger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches. A bag can be purchased directly from the NFL for about $10 or a gallon-size freezer bag can be used instead.

Click here for more details from the NFL.

Many people at Monday’s Redskins vs. Eagles game told WTOP they were well aware of the changes, and they like them.

“I’m all about safety and security. I thought it may be a little overblown, but if you really look at it, what’s overblown in this day and age about security?” said tailgater Carlton.

Kathy, a season ticketholder, said she didn’t mind.

“Every time I’ve come to a game I’ve always either brought a small wristlet bag, or I’ve put my ID, my debit card and some cash in my pocket,” she said.

Before the game, security guards in black shirts stood along the sidewalks and at the base of staircases leading to the stadium, stopping people carrying bags that weren’t compliant with the rules.

Richard was one of the fans who was stopped and forced to trudge all the way back to his car. He said he attempted to do the right thing well before Monday’s game.

“I tried ordering a bag from weeks in advance, and then I got an email: It won’t ship until September 19,” he said.

Instead, Richard showed up with a see-through plastic backpack he recently bought at a NASCAR race. He was told it was too big for FedEx Field.

A fan named Stacy said she was sent back to her car three times by security.

She was forced to put the contents of her purse into a clear plastic bag, and wasn’t happy about it at all.

“I am on my time of the month, so everybody gets to look at my Tampax, if you will,” she said.

“$700 for seats and parking, you think they’d make it a little bit easier for us women,” Stacy added.

The NFL has said the new bag rules would also lead to a shorter wait at the gates. WTOP noticed people who were carrying clear plastic bags were able to get through security fairly quickly.

Read more about the new NFL policy and see additional rules here.

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