Facebook allows user to edit status posts

WASHINGTON – There are few things more frustrating than working long and hard on a clever Facebook post, only to realize after hitting “Post” that it contained a typo.

Finally, Facebook now allows a person to edit his or her own status update, without losing Likes and comments.

The feature became available Friday on the Web, is expected on Android in the next day, and in the next Facebook update.

Here’s how it works:


Using the dropdown menu at the the upper right corner of the errant post, click on Edit, correct the error, and hit Done Editing.


Anyone who can view your Timeline will be able to see the previous versions of the post, by clicking on Edited.


Facebook has been slowly granting users more permission to edit posts. Previously, a user could edit his or her own comments in another person’s status update, and could edit photo captions.

While Google+ has allowed similar editing, Facebook was concerned a person could post “Who likes ice cream?” and get hundreds of Likes and comments, then edit the post to “Who wants to beat up some cats” according to Mashable .

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