Cast of ‘NCIS’ shares condolences after Navy Yard shooting

WASHINGTON – For the cast of the hit CBS show “NCIS,” the Navy Yard shootings that claimed the lives of 13 hit close to home because the crime drama is set on the same grounds as the rampage.

The shootings carried out by Aaron Alexis Monday morning may have seemed like a page out of the TV show’s own script. Some of the members of the show’s cast took to Twitter this week to express their condolences and show their support.

Yahoo! News also posted a video in which “NCIS” actress Pauley Perette, Chris O’Donnell of “NCIS: Los Angeles” and Gary Glasberg, executive producer of “NCIS,” shared their thoughts on the shooting.

Glasberg says the show’s cast and crew have a close working relationship with the actual NCIS agency.

The show’s official Twitter account did not address the shooting.

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