‘Blair Witch’ director holds open casting call in Md.

WASHINGTON — Looking for your big break?

Horror director Eduardo Sanchez is hosting an open casting call this weekend at The Frederick Street Festival for his upcoming film, “Maulers.”

About 300 people are needed to play “ravers” and “maulers” in a rave party scene. Sanchez says he is looking for 18-to 30-year-olds to fill those roles.

“We’re just kind of looking for some unique looks, and also just some every day looks,” he says.

Sanchez is specifically looking for “some big guys” to portray maulers and bouncers at the rave.

He is best known for directing the gritty, suspense thriller “The Blair Witch Project,” and says “Maulers” will be along those lines.

“It’s basically a horror movie about this group of teenagers that go to this big rave inside an abandoned mall and it ends up being a trap,” he says. “Bad things happen.”

The open call will take place Saturday inside the Frederick Gorilla magazine booth from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The magazine will hold a social media contest for a walk-on role in the film. To qualify, post on a social media site using the hashtag #maulersmovie. Organizers say there is no specific criteria to qualify other than to send a message.

Sanchez hopes to starting filming later this year at the Frederick Town Mall. His other film credits include “Lovely Molly” and “Seventh Moon.”

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