Watch all the NFL games for $100


WASHINGTON – There’s good news for football fanatics who like to pinch their pennies: One simple purchase could be the cheapest way to watch all the NFL games on TV this year.

There’s no need for DirecTV, an Xbox or a PlayStation. The blog says those who buy a copy of Madden NFL 25’s “Anniversary Edition” get a code that lets them watch DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Max service via computer or mobile device.

The offer is supposed to only be for those who don’t have DirecTV in their area, but Owen Good, who wrote the post on Kotaku, said it won’t really matter. And the “Anniversary Edition” game does cost about $100 (regular edition is $60), but DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Max service is $300, and that doesn’t include installing a satellite dish. That’s some simple math.

The game is available for pre-order now and the deal is only good for purchases through There’s currently a limit of 100,000 copies, but that should be enough to carry through until the official Aug. 27 launch.

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