Va. lawmaker claims transportation dollars are being misspent

VDOT says the process, called signal optimization, will take about three months to finish.(WTOP/Ari Ashe)

WASHINGTON – A Virginia lawmaker is suing an agency responsible for doling out money under a sweeping transportation package passed by the General Assembly this year.

Delegate Bob Marshall filed the lawsuit Thursday, claiming the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority is misusing tax dollars.

“The statute requires them to pick projects that provide the greatest congestion reduction relative to the cost of the projects,” says Marshall. “They have not documented this. They are embarrassed because the roads they picked do not reduce congestion.”

The NVTA approved more than 30 projects in July, including several in Fairfax County.

Marshall takes issue, in particular, with plans to widen Route 28.

“I think they selected these projects before this law was passed. So this is just a pet wish list,” Marshall claims. “The public needs to understand, even though the legislature says you’re going to spend [tax dollars] to reduce the greatest congestion per dollar spent. This group is not doing it.”

A court hearing is set for early September.

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