Survivor pleased with charges against truck driver in Bay Bridge crash

All things considered, crash survivor 'doing pretty well'

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 8:42 pm

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WASHINGTON – A woman whose car was pushed over the Bay Bridge in July after a crash with a tractor-trailer continues to recover, but is pleased that the truck driver involved is facing charges.

A Maryland Transportation Authority Police report says 29-year-old truck driver Gabor Lovasz of Canada was driving on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge July 19 and was looking at his driver’s side mirror due to flashing lights behind him.

Not seeing the traffic stopped ahead of him, his tractor-trailer slammed into Morgan Lake’s Chrysler Sebring, pushing it onto the bridge’s barrier wall.

A second impact pushed Lake’s car over and down 27 feet into the water. She was able to free herself and swim to safety.

Police are charging Lovasz with negligent driving and other charges, with fines totaling $670.

“[Lake] is very happy that the state of Maryland has finally charged the Canadian driver,” says Lake’s attorney, Wayne Cohen.

While Lake’s plans for work and school are on hold for now, Cohen says the 23-year-old is doing well for someone who’s been through what she has.

“Her goal right now is to focus on her health and hopefully make the bridge a safer place,” Cohen says.

Cohen adds that Lake still has difficulty getting into cars on the driver’s or passenger side, and going over bridges is out of the question.

A civil suit in the case is a possibility.

See footage showing Lake after the crash below:

Editor’s note: Earlier stories stated that Lake’s car fell 40 feet into the water. Investigators say the vehicle fell 27 feet.

WTOP’s Kate Ryan and the Associated Press contributed to this report. Follow @KateRyanWTOP and @WTOP on Twitter.

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