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Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

Beauty or Brains? Both sexes define what makes the perfect woman


WTOP’s Randi Martin

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4:20 p.m. – Danielle Kurtzleben, U.S. News and World Report


Jobs in healthcare sector remain strong

12:20 p.m. – Deborah Kotz, health blogger, Boston Globe


Can drinking hot cocoa keep your brain young?

WTOP’s David Burd reports


Should people getting out of jail in Maryland get iPads? The attorney general thinks so; what about you?

9:50 a.m. – Ken Walsh, US News and World Report


Congress and the president are both on vacation. Have they done enough that they deserve time off?

9:20 a.m. – Matt Roush, entertainment editor, TV Guide


The end of ‘Breaking Bad,’ the new series that comes on afterward, and another ‘Duck Dynasty’

8:20 a.m. – Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets columnist, The Examiner


The IRS is still targeting conservative groups, but for a different reason

7:50 a.m. – David Alpern, host of For Your Ears Only on Federal News Radio


The closing of U.S. embassies and the future of NSA surveillance

What to eat and drink for a flawless complexion


WTOP’s Veronica Robinson

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