Slate to stop referring to NFL team as ‘Redskins’

UPDATE: Thursday – 8/9/2013, 7:18pm ET

WASHINGTON – Two more publications have said they will no longer use the name Redskins when referring to Washington’s NFL team.

Mother Jones said Friday that it would stop using the controversial moniker and The New Republic’s editor tweeted its announcement Thursday.


Slate says it will not call the Washington NFL team the ”Redskins.” (WTOP File).

EARLIER: Thursday – 8/8/2013, 12:11pm ET

WASHINGTON – The Washington Redskins’ controversial name will no longer be used by one national publication.

Slate editor David Plotz said Thursday the online magazine will no longer call the team the “Redskins” because while the name “is only a bit offensive, it’s extremely tacky and dated

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