Online retailer Swirl & Sip to open wine store in Mosaic District

The Mosaic District in Fairfax’s Merrifield neighborhood is adding another specialty retailer to its ranks: A wine store operated by online wine retailer Swirl & Sip. The store will open in 1,500 square feet at 2905 District Ave.

Although the Fairfax-based company focuses on wine, the brick-and-mortar store will carry wine, beer and gourmet foods that accompany them, according to Jason Kim, who owns Swirl & Sip with his wife, Janice.

“Right now, our only method to get wine to customers is by FedEx,” Kim said. “With the opening of the store, we get to have face-to-face engagement with customers.”

The Kims are wine lovers who began in the business as wine exporters, shipping wine to China and Hong Kong. They formed Swirl & Sip in 2012 and say they are excited to open their first retail shop. Their inventory will reflect some of the Kims’ own preferences for new world wines, especially those from California. There will also be some of the more terroir-driven wines from France and Spain.

“My wife and I love the wine life … Surrounding yourself with wine, with good food, the celebration aspect of it,” Kim said. “Our mission is to really help people live the wine life. For our customers, whether it’s going to be wine or beer, it’s about the experience and the moment.”

Swirl & Sip hopes to form partnerships with some of their Mosaic neighbors, such as Ah Love Oil & Vinegar and Artisan Confections as well as local cheese and other food producers.

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