Morning Notes

Attorney General Doug Gansler talks to reporters in Silver Spring before an Action Committee for Transit meeting

Gansler Says No Apology Necessary For Secretly Recorded Comments On Brown — Attorney General and candidate for governor Doug Gansler said, “I said absolutely nothing wrong,” in a secret recording of him discussing campaign strategy with a group of supporters. In the recording, Gansler said Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, one of his opponents for the Democratic nomination, is relying on the fact he’s black to win. [Washington Post]

Landon School Discrimination Case Begins — Timothy Harrison, the school’s former chief finance and operations officer, sued the school saying he was fired because he accused administrators of using racial epithets against black and Latino employees. Landon countered, saying Harrison convinced the school to switch health insurance plans through a business to which he was connected. The trial is expected to last 10 days. [The Gazette]

Bloomingdale’s Might Come Back To Redeveloped White Flint Mall — Included in White Flint Mall’s countersuit of anchor store Lord & Taylor is the possibility that Bloomingdale’s, which closed because of declining sales in 2012, will come back and be a part of a new mixed-use development. White Flint Mall says it’s talking to the department store about coming back and it’s in negotiations with a number of other anchor stores for the new development. [Washington Business Journal]

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