Lottery players look to past winners for luck

LANDOVER, Md. — If anything attracts the superstitious, it is the lottery.

“Some of that luck might rub off on us,” says customer Dimitrius Davis, with a smile on his face as he holds a handful of lottery tickets. “Yesterday I bought four. All together, I probably got about 30 tickets.”

Some people might buy a rabbit’s foot to build luck for a Powerball drawing with a jackpot worth more than $400 million. Other players head to stores that have recently handed out big wins.

“Customers are very excited,” says Balvir Singh, an Exxon manager. “They’re happy someone did win from this area.”

Singh has seen an increase in business since last month when his Exxon station sold a Multi-Match ticket worth $1.2 million.

“They (customers) heard from the TV or the radio. Then they come and ask,” Singh says.

The Maryland Lottery provided a statement to WTOP that reads “It’s all random. Although businesses that sell a winning ticket often see increased traffic because of the public’s perception that it is a lucky store.”

For people like Dimitrius Davis, it is a matter of hope that lottery lightning strikes in the same spot twice.

“Your luck will strike one day,” he says.

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