Bring A Bag, Donate A Nickel To Brickyard Farm

Brickyard Farm, Flickr photo by k_griffi

When you bring your own bags to the Whole Foods grocery store on River Road, you could be helping the Brickyard Educational Farm in Potomac.

The farm announced today it has been accepted in the Bethesda Whole Food’s Nickels for Non-Profits Program. When shoppers use reuseable bags at the 5269 River Rd. location, they have the option of receiving a 5-cent credit per bag or donating it to one of three selected charities.

The Brickyard Educational Farm will be one charity eligible for proceeds from the program until Oct. 31.

Brickyard, a rare farm that uses organic seeds, was originally owned by the Board of Education. It was recently tied up in a two-year legal battle over the fate of the land, which supporters say should remain a farm and be used as an educational resource.

The county originally wanted to use the land for new soccer fields. Now, because of overcrowding, the site is in the mix for a new Potomac Elementary School.

Visit the Brickyard Educational Farm website for more info.

Flickr photo by k_griffi

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