Weepy fan angered by Redskins’ snub (Video)

Sarah Beth Hensley, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – When a Washington Redskins fan took the day off work to attend the team’s training camp in Richmond, Va., but walked away without an autograph, she said she was, in a word, “devastated.”

At least that’s the title of the video posted on YouTube Thursday that shows a tearful fan lamenting in the car after she was snubbed by Redskins players signing autographs.

“No players even came to where I was standing. I’m so disappointed in the Redskins right now,” says the fan in the video posted by Kimberly Lewis. It’s not known if the fan in the video is Lewis.

“I’ve been a fan my whole life,” the fan says. “I didn’t even care what player autograph I got, I just wanted one.”

The fan says she took the day off work and showed up at 6:30 a.m., but left empty-handed. She urges other fans to avoid training camp.

“I can’t believe the Redskins would do this to their fans,” the woman says, appearing to wipe tears away.

As of Friday afternoon, more than 31,000 people had viewed the video on YouTube.

It is not clear if this fan’s rant was genuine or for publicity. Other weepy fans have gained online notoriety through YouTube videos.

(Editor’s note: Some may find this material offensive.)

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