True love: Why mosquitoes bite

There may be a reason mosquitoes love some people more than others. (Thinkstock)

WASHINGTON – One in five people are more appealing meals to mosquitoes, and if you’re one of them, you probably know it.

Apparently, blood type matters.

“They’re twice as likely to land on people with Type O blood type compared to those with Type A. And then Type B fall somewhere in the middle there,” says Deborah Kotz, health blogger for the Boston Globe.

But Kotz says there’s no need to worry because there are options to keep the mosquitoes away. One piece of advice is to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants for an evening outdoors. But it’s important for people to also watch what colors they’re wearing.

“So, if you’re wearing black, navy or red in the evening or nighttime hours, they tend to be attracted to you as well,” says Kotz.

And it doesn’t end there. What you’re drinking could have an impact.

“Mosquitoes are attracted to people who are drinking beer at these barbecues,” Kotz says.

Kotz says there are other mosquito-attracting qualities that the victim can’t do much about. For example, pregnant women are more likely to get bitten.

But those who like to jog at night may want to make a change.

“If you’re exercising a lot in the evening, and you’re exhaling a lot, which you have to do when you’re exercising, as well as sweating a lot. They could be attracted to certain things in your sweat,” says Kotz.

When all else fails, spray on the insect repellent with DEET. That’ll turn the little buggers off.

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