Redskins star chooses to drive old clunker

Rookie Alfred Morris has no plans to upgrade and says he plans to pass down his \'\'Bentley\'\' to his kids. (Courtesy Redskins blog)

WASHINGTON – If you make fun of his car, you better be able to run fast.

Redskins running back Alfred Morris says he loves his 1991 Mazda. In fact, he refuses to give it up.

“That was my first car, and it’s always going to have sentimental value to me,” Morris told reporters in Richmond on Friday.

His 22-year-old clunker, which Morris named ‘Bentley,’ dominated his training camp press conference.

Curiosity grew after he confirmed Mazda agreed to fix it up for him.

“I was just driving my car and somebody took notice and it just went from there,” said Morris. “I’m going to get my baby back on the road so I’m excited about that.”

The refurbishing job should take six to eight weeks.

He promises it won’t look much flashier.

“It’s not like ‘Pimp My Ride’ or anything like that. I’m not into that type of stuff,” Morris said as the crowd laughed.

“They might update it a bit, maybe put a navigation system or something in it. But nothing like big rims and fish tanks in the back.”

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