Man in toga greets Beltway commuters

A man dressed in a toga or white cloth walks along the Outer Loop of the Beltway Tuesday morning. (Courtesy of Brie Rizzo Hall)

WASHINGTON – Beltway commuters are used to traffic snarls in the morning and they hardly put anyone in a good mood. But Tuesday’s backups offered a bit of levity even for a woman who was late to her first day at a new job.

A man dressed in a toga or wrapped in some sort of sheet or cloth, was seen walking along Interstate 495 in Prince George’s County. His stroll included a police escort and caused traffic backups about eight miles on the Outer Loop, according to commuter Brie Rizzo Hall.

Hall tells WTOP that when she encountered the man, he was walking in the shoulder and was carrying a large stick. Maryland state troopers were following him.

“The traffic made me late for work on my first day at a new job but it made for a funny story,” she says.

State police say they received a report of a man walking on the shoulder near Exit 15 about 8:15 a.m. He was claiming to be Jesus and officers planned to give him a ride off the Beltway. State police did not report any notes about traffic delays related to the man.

However WTOP’s Traffic Center heard complaints of rubbernecking delays related to drivers spotting “toga man.”

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