Fairfax County debates longer Monday school day for elementary schools

WASHINGTON – Fairfax County elementary students could spend more time in classes on Monday. The school board is discussing the idea of a full day of classes for students in kindergarten through sixth grade on Mondays.

Students now spend a half day in class. Teachers use the remainder of each Monday for lesson planning and in-house training.

If Fairfax County Public Schools change the school day, the Fairfax Times reports more time would need to be added to elementary school teachers’ work days.

The change is being considered as the school system looks at increasing planning time for teachers countywide.

But it would come with additional costs.

The last time Fairfax County debated full-day Mondays in the 1990s, the school board nixed the idea because it would have cost too much.

The issue may come back for more discussion in the fall.

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