Compensation Committee To Review Salaries For Elected Officials

Montgomery County seal on bus stopMontgomery County’s Compensation Committee is looking for public input into the salaries for county councilmembers and the county executive elected in the November 2014 gubernatorial election.

The seven-member Committee must examine the salaries every four years and make recommendations for the next four-year term.

The recommendations are due on Sept. 15 and the Committee is asking for county residents to send comments by e-mail to or by mail to Compensation Committee, Montgomery County Council at 100 Maryland Ave., 5th Floor, Rockville MD 20850. The deadline for comments is Aug. 9.

Both the county executive and county councilmembers are due a 3.25 percent raise through the county employee union or the lower of the average for the Washington-Baltimore area’s consumer price index.

County councilmembers now make $104,022 a year. The Council president gets an additional 10 percent for $114,425 a year. The county executive makes $180,250.

The Committee must also make recommendations for salaries of the county sheriff (now $154,000) and the state’s attorney (now $199,000).

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