Who has more leisure time, men or women?

WASHINGTON – A Pew Research Center analysis finds men have more leisure time than women.

Men spend about five more hours a week than women playing games, watching TV exercising and socializing, according to Pew.

The study finds women handle more housework and child care, and the gender gap for leisure activities swings toward men, no matter what their marital status, the report says:

“Despite the fact that mothers still do more housework and child care than fathers, fathers’ overall work time (including unpaid work at home) is actually two hours more than that of mothers. Fathers also enjoy more leisure time than mothers; the gap is close to three hours per week. For adults who do not have young children at home, the gender gap for total work time is minimal, although the leisure gap is wider: men without young children at home spend about five hours per week more in leisure than women in the same situation.”

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