Tips to stretch your grocery dollar

Raw foods, including chicken, are most likely to be contaminated with foodborne illnesses. (AP)

WASHINGTON – Instead of hitting a Giant, Whole Foods or Trader Joes with hungry eyes, a scroll of a shopping list and blind ambition that can leave a shopper broke, here are some tips from Martha Stewart to keep the grocery bill from requiring a second mortgage.

The queen-of-thrift writes in the Yahoo Shine blog that organization is key, and that a shopper should only buy what’s needed. Remember that a store’s outer aisles are where you’ll find the most unprocessed and healthier foods.

As kids, people are told not to swim on a full stomach, but it’s a good idea to go shopping on one.

“This will help you avoid unhealthy and expensive impulse buys,” Stewart writes.

And, make food stretch where you can. For instance, if you’re stocked up on meat, it may be more beneficial to cook in bulk.

“Cook big batches of meat and chicken, and use leftovers in next-day salads and sandwiches,” she says.

The extra days worth of cooked food will allow a shopper to stay out of a store for a few days.

“Bulk” also is a key word when it comes to shopping.

“Buy staples such as pasta and rice in bulk or during supermarket sales, and store in airtight containers,” Stewart says, adding that special coupon discounts will give shoppers the best bang for the buck.

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