Ride instead of drive to save thousands of dollars

Jamie Forzato, wtop.com

BETHESDA, Md. — Ditch the car and save big bucks. Thursday is the eighth annual Dump the Pump Day to encourage commuters to ride public transportation instead of drive.

The American Public Transportation Association says that an average two-person household with at least one car could save almost $10,000 per year if they downsized to one car and opted to take public transportation instead.

Washington is among the top 20 cities in the country with the highest public transportation ridership. D.C. ranks No. 14 based on total transit savings, which factors in a monthly public transit pass, local gas prices and a monthly unreserved parking rate: $820 per month and $9,843 per year. Commuters in Baltimore save even more: $831 per month and $9,976 per year.

A new AAA Mid-Atlantic report shows that Virginia’s gas prices are expected to dip because of the new transportation plan that takes effect July 1. Meanwhile, the new gas tax in Maryland could make the state one of the most expensive places in the country to fill up. Maryland prices will edge up about four cents.

Melanie Lott lives in the District, but works in Bethesda. Even though she owns a car, she rides the metro to work everyday.

“It’s more convenient,” she says.

But she would she ever get rid of her car?

“Oh no way. I use it on the weekends. I’m not going to ditch my car,” she says.

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