Most military sex assault victims are men

WASHINGTON – Sexual assaults in the military now are being acknowledged as a recurring, cultural issue that must be addressed.

But something often missed when looking at the issue is that most military members who have been sexually assaulted are men, The New York Times reports.

The Pentagon estimates 26,000 service members were victims of unwanted sexual contact in 2012. It also estimates 53 percent of those cases involved attacks on men, with most of the attackers also being men.

A former New York State prosecutor who’s worked with the Pentagon on the issue tells the Times that man-on-man sexual attacks in the military seem less sexually motivated and more aimed at humiliation and or torture. He says many assaults seem to be a form of hazing or bullying.

The Department of Defense tells The Times it now is working to encourage more men to report attacks and to offer male victims better support.

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