Jockey’s new ‘custom-fit’ bra

Is it time for a new bra-measuring system?

Kristi King | November 14, 2014 7:04 pm

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WASHINGTON – The cliche that women love to shop tends not to apply to bras. It can be difficult to find a bra that fits well.

Jockey has a new bra promising just the right fit. The company claims the bra is “the closest thing to custom.” The Jockey bra buying process begins with a fitting kit.

The kit comes with 10 cups women try until one perfectly captures and measures bosom volume. A color coded measuring tape wraps around the ribs.

The kit costs $20. Buy it online and the Jockey website says “watch for the $20 coupon in your confirmation email to use towards your first Jockey bra purchase.”

The bras cost $60.

Jockey stores also have the kit to purchase or will allow customers to use a kit free in the store.

There is a limited number of store locations in the D.C. area. Virginia stores are in Dale City, Leesburg and Williamsburg. There’s a Jockey store in Hagerstown, Md. and in Rehoboth, Del.

Jockey says its been developing the new bra for eight years and it now has 26 patents.

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